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Jordan Twaddle

It was cold the morning of New Year’s Day in 2015 when Jordan woke up blind.

He remembers the icy feeling of the cracked wooden floorboards underneath his feet when, as he tried to look around his room decorated with maps & flags from his travels, Jordan realized that the familiar shapes of his belongings had all blurred together and that he could only make out the general color and light that were emitted from their direction.

And once he recovered his sight a month later with the help of outstanding doctors, Jordan has had to fight to reclaim his sight. Without being able to discern between objects, depth, contrast, and shadow, he struggled to reorganize the visual world. So with a renewed focus, Jordan seeks through his artistic career to claim his vision and demonstrate how he sees the world post-blindness.

Jordan's influences are eclectic and widely ranged, but his style is always both intentional and playful with story, character, vibrant colors, and scale. Jordan has a keen interest in theatre, philosophy, literature, music, queer issues, and spectacle.

Jordan is an eager emerging artist, designer, and certified English educator from middle Tennessee. In 2018, Jordan transitioned from education to working professionally in theatre.

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